RocketChat feels so natural to use that your team will love being able to instantly communicate on it – sharing files, holding video conferences and much more.

Some of our favourites:



Chat with your Website Visitors (or Anyone Else using SMS)

RocketChat comes pre-loaded with the ability to directly chat with visitors to your website or anywhere you embed a special customizable widget.

Plus, you can extend your reach by using LiveChat to send and receive SMS messages – now your team can share a single number and use it to communicate with multiple people via text at the same time 🙂

Its easier than ever to convert visitors into leads into customers – when someone wants to speak with your team they simply start chatting on your website or send you an SMS – your team gets a notification and can immediately kick off a conversation with the visitor in the same interface they use to chat with each other!

You can set business hours, instantly pass conversations between agents, pick up on previous conversations, capture lead information to automatically send to your CRM and much more!

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Custom Design/Branding

Add a logo, change the color scheme and a whole lot more!

Without any code you can instantly make your team’s chat feel like home by uploading your own logo imag, choosing colors which match your brand and customizing the messaging of your welcome screen.

Updated styling automatically reflects on all aspects of the app on desktop, web and mobile.

If you want to roll up your sleeves, you can even add custom CSS and javascript to your account 🙂

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500+ Integrations

connect almost Any Software to RocketChat with Webhooks and Zapier

Because RocketChat uses incoming webhooks you can accept notifications when almost any action happens on other cloud software you use (like Basecamp, Stripe, Twitter etc…)

Outgoing webhooks let you also send full messages from your chat to external software – so you can push new LiveChat guests’ contact information into your CRM (e.g. Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive etc…)

Using Zapier, you can setup powerful workflows to get information into and out of RocketChat without any code, connecting over 500 applications!

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Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Apps

Take RocketChat with you wherever you go, on any device.

Using a browser like Google Chrome you can jump into chatting with your team from anywhere, but sometimes it just makes sense to use native apps instead.

Get this – RocketChat has a suite of *free* apps you can download – for your desktop computer (keep those browser tabs to a minimum) plus Android and iOS/Apple mobile and tablet devices.

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Audio and Video Calls

When you need to hear someone’s voice, or talk face to face with your team.

With RocketChat you have the freedom to jump into a call or video conference whenever you want – with tons of flexibility – instantly share your screen (single window or the full desktop), add any guests to the call you want with a special link and more!

Whether its for private conversations or group huddles, we’re sure you’ll love calls within RocketChat!

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The full feature list:


Whether you have a small team or want to help thousands of people come together online, RocketChatLauncher has you covered.


Private and group messaging

Engage just one person at a time or a whole bunch of people in conversation.



Engage a wider audience through chat – embed a widget powered by RocketChat anywhere you’d like!


Audio Video Conferencing

Start a call right in any chat (private or group) without needing to install any software!


Flexible Permissions

Define your own custom user roles and permissions to assign to specific members of your community.


File Sharing

Upload files directly into chat – with drag’n’drop you can upload multiple files at once easily.


Slash Commands

Move fast with keystroke commands directly in the message entry area.



Put a bot in any chat to ask it for information or just have fun with silly things like Seinfeld quotes!


Inline Message Formatting

Use bold, italics, strikethrough or inline code right in any chat message.


Location Sharing

Instantly post your location – click a button and a linked google map is embedded in chat!



Use scripts to enable custom flows of content in or out of your RocketChat



Single Sign On – use your own user directory to authenticate members in RocketChat (no need for yet another login if using LDAP or SAML etc…)



Already 20 languages supported – add your own easily through the interface.


Custom design/branding

Choose your own color palette and upload a logo.


Off the Record Messaging

Encrypted messaging hidden from group chat for protected information exchange.


Live-Sync with Slack Channels

Use a bot to mirror conversations on Slack into your RocketChat


Import from CSV, Slack or Hipchat

Prepare a file from your own system to move channels, messages and users over to RocketChat instantly.