We are a Toronto, Canada based team focused on making is as easy as possible to bring people together online using the world’s best Open Source Chat platform.

For larger/enterprise customers we offer a suite of professional services which involve developing on RocketChat’s codebase – for projects involving everything from simple custom interface designs to creating bespoke applications using RocketChat’s REST API (to replace its default apps and interfaces or to integrate with them.)


Services Include:

  1. Deployment (on premises or cloud.)
  2. Integration (custom design & branding plus bespoke multi-platform apps.)
  3. Community management (on-boarding, customer success and training.)
  4. Technical support (infrastructure monitoring, software updates, on-demand help.)


About the Team

Our team includes designers, engineers and strategic consultants.

Our leadership team has been involved with Open Source Software for over a decade, held positions with the core teams responsible for CMS’ including Joomla, Drupal and other projects as well as engaged in commercial work and partnerships with hundreds of institutions and organizations across the world (including Coca Cola, KIA, IBM, 500 Startups and the BBC.)